We’re making a book after all!

Thanks to everyone who’s either donated, linked, re-tweeted, or otherwise made this Cameo Drive as successful as it was. And if you’ve not gotten involved yet, there’s good news: You still have a shot at a cameo!

As promised, I’m keeping the drive open through December 25th;  So anyone else who’s still eager to get involved or otherwise waiting until the last minute to get in on this, you can still go ahead and send me an order!

For those who’re wondering how this last leg of the drive works:

  • At least an order needs to be sent in; send payment as fast as possible otherwise, though, since you won’t appear in the comic until you’re fully paid up (and you’ll need to send at least half for me to start work on your included conbadge!
  • Only orders that’ve been in correspondence prior to December 25th will be honored. Sorry, we’ve got to make the cutoff somewhere.
  • For folks who’ve ordered cameos (and want badges in time for Christmas): I’m working on them now, and will make a good-faith effort to get them in the mail with enough time to spare for the holidays… if you’ve requested that you need / want the badges around then and have been keeping up with the lineart / color approval for each (i.e. keep an eye on your email this next week)! Only a few of you have requested this, but I would like to at least honor those few requests (and I’d love to have a few Org badges to show off soon besides)!

And for those wondering… yes, I still need guest strips for this next month, but in case that doesn’t happen, I’ve found new ways to stall for time entertain you while I’m busy catching up on everything, including a special surprise…