Characters are presented in alphabetical order, by category.

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adhariaAdharia Kuvoe is a ‘savage’ tribal princess who decided to leave her planet in search of a way to become a warrior and claim her place on the throne. Apparently Veled convinced her that volunteering for Last Res0rt was a great way to accomplish this, and she’s been doing pretty well so far, give or take a few misunderstandings.

Adharia is Captain of Team Gemini.

aliceAlice Quinn is a Celigan Prisoner who’s been accused of (among other crimes) trying to assasinate a local mayor, and being a spy for the planet Nurovidia. Since she’s a Djinn, it’s no small miracle that she’s still alive to play on the show, and in fact, it’s because of a plea bargain (That also involves Qin Xu and Arikos) that she’s here at all.

She’s currently the Lieutenant of Team Corvus, under Jason Spades.

arikosArikos of Nile is one of the few folks here who pretty much deserves it; even if it took a prisoner swap to get him on the show since his diplomatic immunity was preventing Nurovidia from exacting justice properly. Has a huge facial scar on his right side, intended to keep him from using his full charisma.

Arikos is part of the players’ mob.

charity“Crosshairs” Charity Drizel is a performance artist who’s proud of her craft… it just so happens her craft involves a sniper rifle, and occassionally the brains of a head of state or two. Is that so wrong? (Answer: Yes. Yes it is.) With an elegant air to herself and to her work, she is a sight to behold… preferably when she’s on your side.

Charity is part of the players’ mob.

daisyDaisy Archanis is the CEO of a large interplanetary corporation, she’s probably worth more than the station itself, and yet she’s here because of a plea bargain (for crimes we can’t even explain because that was part of the deal)! Oh, and she’s also an (Autistic) Light Child with a bionic leg she “somehow” picked up while in custody.

Daisy is the Lieutenant of Team Andromeda, under Jigsaw Forte.

geishaKurt Antonio Striaeta, better known as Geisha, is an artist gone mad, having turned several people into pieces of his sculptor’s portfolio. He wears a mask to hide his more terrifying features, and seems to have a special interest in the female contestants, as well as Slick. Especially Slick, for whatever reason.

Geisha is part of the players’ mob.

jason Jason Spades is a war hero on his planet, and volunteered to play on Last Res0rt.  He was part of the “Skydancer Corps”, and apparently is no stranger to high-stakes military missions. He owns a dog, Sunshine, and he refuses to go anywhere without his fur-trimmed bomber jacket. Also, he really, really wants to kill Daisy. Really.

Jason is currently Captain of Team Corvus, and Second in Command.

jigsawJigsaw Forte is a professional violinist who (for whatever reason) decided to volunteer for Last Res0rt instead. This decision makes a lot more sense when it’s revealed that she’s a vampire… which would’ve made signing up a brilliant move if she’d known about that when she actually signed up for the show.

Jigsaw is currently Captain of Team Andromeda.

londonLondon Flood, like several million Aeodah who were given poor-quality nanotechnology, was understandably upset with the management of  the health corporations who knowingly delivered faulty products  for higher profits… and then went and slaughtered the entire executive board of NannyBoo Inc., a little less understandably.

London is part of the players’ mob.

qinxuThe Chinese vampire who goes by Qin’Xu is another Celigan prisoner, who apparently worked for Veled briefly before being made an example by her. Authorities aren’t sure that Qin’Xu is his real name, or even that he’s as old a vampire as he says he is (2,000+ years!) , but one thing’s for certain; they don’t trust him one bit!

Qin’Xu is Lieutenant of Team Equuleus, under White Noise.

siegeCG-86, also known as Siege, is a robot who claims she’s a person, albeit one whose brain and spinal cord are the only organic components left — primarily because even if she’s guilty of what she’s done, as a person she still has the right to be punished like a person, as opposed to being destroyed as a robot.

Siege is part of the players’ mob.

slickSlick Giovanni insists he was framed for his father’s murder, blaming a bodyguard and family friend who set him up to take the fall in order to gain control of the family’s leather smuggling operation. Without other options, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to make sure he survives to the end of the show and get out.

Slick is currently Lieutenant of Team Gemini, under Adharia Kuvoe.

spiralSpiral Black, an educated “pirate” who sought to help reclaim his native moon of Tetorca, ended up on the show after several years of incarceration. Nobody’s really sure how he’ll behave on the show, though at the very least he’s not happy about bring forced to put himself in danger for other people’s enjoyment — AGAIN.

Spiral is part of the players’ mob.

whiteSilk of the Solar Winds, better known as White Noise, is an older prisoner who used to be part of the Endless’s Star Org, and was summarily shunned after being arrested for killing a bunch of people with his computer hacking. He only cares about escaping prison so he can find his daughter, who was born after his arrest.

White Noise is Captain of Team Equuleus, and of the Executioners.

xanatosXanatos Wylde volunteered to be on the show, but since he failed to become an Executioner like the rest of the volunteers, he’s treated as a common criminal instead. White identified him as a former Star Org cadet thanks to his burnt-off ear, and Xanatos is more than willing to remind everyone else that he’s “superior” because of it.

Xanatos is part of the players’ mob.

zodiacCopper Miles, better known as Zodiac, is the real deal — an actual Nurovidian spy! Of course, he wasn’t spying on Celigo, per se, but his case blew open wide enough that he’s been more or less railroaded into ending up on the show regardless. A spry, skinny character, Zodiac knows how to make friends fast.

Zodiac is part of the players’ mob.

Staff and Denizens of Last Res0rt Station

Because there’s more to a reality show than just the people on it, remember?

atlantaAtlanta Burns is Vincent Vaeo’s secretary. In spite of a rather brassy attitude, she knows Vince better than he’d care to admit — well enough to do exactly what she needs to to keep him happy. And if you really set her off, she also knows Coffee-Fu, the art of flinging heavy, steaming pots of coffee, especially into people’s laps.

Atlanta will usually be found watching her soaps.

belleBelle is one of the many, many members of the Star Org that happen to be stationed at Last Res0rt Station. She mouthed off a little bit to Veled, and Veled ripped her freaking soul out. Sure, she gave it back, but it’s the principle of the thing! You don’t just go around ripping out people’s souls just because you feel like it!

Belle is hiding somewhere with her tail between her legs.

cypress Cypress Vaeo is the producer of Last Res0rt, and the public face of the show as well since she works as the show’s host. Lives with her father, Vince, and her cousins, Nate and Damien. Has a tendency to dress up in strange outfits. She’s supposed to be the matriarch of her family clan someday, if she isn’t already.

She’s currently working on and/or panicking about the show.

damienDamien Vaeo is Cypress’s cousin, and he works on designing the missions / challenges on the show. All things considered, he probably likes making the players’ lives miserable a little too much. He’s also a Touched (which explains those wings poking out of his head), since he wasn’t born from the same mother as Nate was.

He’ll be somewhere  on the station, scheming about what to do next.

gangrel Gangrel is Jigsaw’s Cybee doll, and apparent confidant. She’s been in “corpse mode” and hiding in Jigsaw’s pouch for most of the time Jigsaw’s been a vampire, so she’s had to catch up in a very short amount of time to what’s happened since then. She seems to be taking it all rather well, or at least keeping her opinions to herself.

Gangrel stays within Team Andromeda’s quarters.

goldenGolden Braun is Nurovidia’s hottest morning news sensation, and co-host of Good Daybreak Nurovidia. As luck (and promotional contractual obligations) would have it, he’s also on Last Res0rt Station, working with Cypress as co-commentator on Last Res0rt. He likes to keep his left eye (his “Golden Eye”) covered.

Golden Braun is probably off exercising his vocal chords.

melodyMelody Niaida is one of the few Celeste that doesn’t scare the pants off everyone else — and why should she? As a Ministry of Joy official, her job is to keep the cameras rolling with high-quality content and news (well, what passes for news on Celigo), and Last Res0rt is just another tool in her media arsenal.

Melody is currently on the station, sticking close to Veled.

nate Nathaniel Vaeo is the geek of the family, and is in charge of arming and armoring the show’s contestants. In spite of this, he has a pretty good fashion sense too, and a keen eye for spotting “anomalies” like Jigsaw… which would be better if Jigsaw didn’t find him one of the easier ones to manipulate in spite of this.

Nate is usually found twiddling around on his phone.

sedjaAdharia’s secret weapon, Sedja is the only known Efreet on the station. White Noise is absolutely terrified of her, and he’s not the only one; the only reason she’s still alive right now is because Nate managed to convince Cypress that Sedja was good for ratings. Of course, Sedja doesn’t really care about that.

Sedja stays nice and cozy in her bottle around Adharia’s neck.

sunshineSunshine is Jason’s dog, a Paladin Retriever. Sure, Paladin retrievers are known for their intelligence, as well as the scales down their spine and legs. It has a shiny coat. It has a collar. Veled once tried to feed it someone else’s soul. Again, really, it’s just a stupid dog. That happens to be toilet-trained. What more do you want?

Sunshine is often found wandering the station.

vinceVincent Vaeo is the Director of Last Res0rt, as well as Cypress’s father and Nate and Damien’s uncle. He doesn’t take as direct a role in the show as Cypress does, but since she’s his daughter, this suits him just fine to see just how far she can take the show, especially since he’d like to see her grow up in general.

Vince tends to stay out of the way, where it’s safe.

wispsThe WISPs (Wireless Independant Security Panoptics) aren’t really characters so much as plot devices; wherever they go, they record what’s going on. There’s lots of them, they’re all over the station (or at least the parts deemed worth watching), and technically they change color depending on whether they’re on the air or not.

They’re hoping nobody notices them.

veledFirst Wing Veled is the military head of planet Celigo, and she’s decided to stop by the station for a visit or two. She’s easily bored, and she tends to be rather vicious while bored. Among the powers she’s already demonstrated on the station are teleportation and the ability to read people’s minds when she touches them.

Hopefully she’ll be headed back home soon.

Galaxy Girl Scouts

One part interplanetary peacekeeper and one part celebrity soldier, the Galaxy Girl Scouts have seen better days. Still nursing psychological wounds from the Year of Fear, the current scouts are much more pragmatic and hard-nosed than they’ve been in a while.

aeblisScout Aeblis doesn’t like to cause a lot of drama, and tries to hold the other scouts together as much as she can.  She’s pretty level-headed and intelligent as well. She specializes in unarmed combat, and in short is exactly what a good Galaxy Girl Scout ought to be.  This makes her one of the more boring scouts to keep track of.

Nobody really cares what she’s up to right now.

arael_daisyThis is an older Scout Arael, around the time of the Year of Fear, which was when she apparently caused lots of trouble for the other scouts… and Daisy’s accused of being her secret identity. They certainly look familiar, and it doesn’t help that this particular Scout Arael is one of the few human scouts for the planet.

If she’s not Daisy, hopefully she’s keeping a very low profile.

arael_binaryThe current Scout Arael is (slightly) less controversial; we don’t know a whole lot about her, except that she’s supposed to be the team medic, she’s been hiding her wings (that mark her as a Touched) under her uniform, and she just recently killed a Zombie who everyone thought was Scout Kuvaela in a very messy fashion.

Right now she’d probably like to start keeping a low profile too.

fenirel_oldThis is an older Scout Fenirel; around the same time as Scout Arael from the Year of Fear, in fact. There’s very little known about her beyond that whatever happened, it caused a lot of stuff to go down, and she was apparently friends with Scout Ziligo. She did, however, earn the nickname “Crazy Old Fenirel”…

Nobody has a clue where she is.

kuvaela_sally Sally used to be Scout Kuvaela. We say “used to be” because after having her brains forcibly blown out by a lucky shot from Slick, everyone thought she was dead. Then she came back as a Zombie and tried to kill Slick in return, and ended up demonstrating why planning to turn into a Zombie is a terrible last resort on Last Res0rt.

She’s most definitely dead now.

okaimaScout Lacuso was apparently Scout Kuvaela’s best friend (“The Ziligo to her Fenirel”), which made her death (and subsequent final death) quite painful to endure. She was all ready to take Scout Arael on just for pronouncing Scout Kuvaela dead in the first place, so safe to say,  Scout Arael’s in big trouble right now.

Wherever she is right now, Scout Arael doesn’t want to be there.

veledScout Ziligo should’ve retired decades ago, but since the planet Ziligo no longer exists (having been replaced by Celigo after a coup), they never named her successor,  so she’s still technically a Galaxy Girl Scout. Celeste scouts don’t hide their identity, so we know she’s really Veled — which means she can still do everything she does as Veled, just with a fancy white outfit on.

Veled still breaks out the Scout Ziligo costume sometimes.

The Forte Family

avery Avery is Slider Forte’s Cybee doll. He tends not to do much, since Slider is fairly hands-on, but he’s still helpful from time to time. He has been trying to get in touch with Jigsaw through Gangrel, though, and is worried about Gangrel reporting that she’s been in corpse mode for too long to hold out hope.

Avery sticks around Slider as much as possible.

breyaBreya is Sudoku Forte’s Cybee doll. Breya tends to take a lot of pictures, as well as keep Avery in line. Breya works very closely with Sudoku, but as a result she also takes on a few of Sudoku’s snippier personality traits. She’s worried about Jigsaw and Gangrel too, but wants more  information than just Gangrel’s say-so.

Breya stays close to Sudoku, but tends to keep her distance.

cypherCypher Forte is Meridian’s husband, as well as father to Jigsaw, Sudoku, and Slider. He’s absolutely furious about Jigsaw being on Last Res0rt, and looks to be heading to the show to “correct” that. Has a strange suit of armor, and apparently knows a little more about what happened to Daisy than he’s willing to let on.

Cypher is on his way to Last Res0rt Station.

meridianMeridian Forte is Cypher’s wife, as well as mother to Jigsaw, Sudoku, and Slider. She wears what appears to be a pair of robotic pants as an exoskeleton for her legs, which are wired into her spinal cord. She’s concerned about Jigsaw and Daisy as well, but she’d just as soon stay out of it for her own sake.

Meridian is coming with Cypher to Last Res0rt Station.

sliderSlider Forte is Jigsaw’s younger brother, and the youngest of the family for that matter. He’s actively worried about Jigsaw, and more importantly, what Abba and Eema are going to do to Jigsaw when they catch up with her. He’s otherwise just an annoying little brother, who happens to think what Jigsaw is doing is actually pretty cool.

Slider is currently in school at MemTech, on planet Arael.

sudokuSudoku Forte is Jigsaw’s younger sister, and the middle child of the family. She’s hardly happy about Jigsaw getting all the attention — AGAIN — but seems to’ve resigned herself to the fact there’s very little she can do about what’s going on besides chastise her parents about rushing off as fast as they can to go after her.

Sudoku’s in school at MemTech, on planet Arael.