Yes, there’s quite a few “partial payments” in here that still need to pay up, but hey, progress!

I’ve finished (most of) the work on the books, at least as far as drawing stuff ought to go… which means it’s time to start drawing the conbadges for folks who’ve paid in full for their cameos! So, if you’re hoping to see yourself in Last Res0rt soon… well, go ahead and get those funds in!

Also, I know there’s a number of you who’ve been holding off… I only need a few more cameos to reach my goal, but there’s no reason to keep me hanging too much longer!

Also: I still need guest strips. Like, really need guest strips.

As is, if I don’t have any more guest strips, then I need to start working on the next pages of Last Res0rt approximately… yesterday, which means there’s going to be some problems unless I receive some guest strips to pad me out through the month of January.

Working on the book to make sure it had an excellent cover (and a nifty bonus story besides!) ate up valuable cameo-and-comic-drawing time, so I’m a ‘tad’ behind on drawing pages for online consumption… so to make sure I’m able to keep up making high-quality pages, I need these guest strips to help buy valuable time!

So… if you can draw a guest strip that doesn’t suck (… actually, at this point, we’ll take the ones that suck too), send it in!