• Name: Silk of the Solar Winds
  • Aliases: White Noise
  • Primary Residence: C.C. Limitless, Star Organization
  • Species: Anyr
  • Family:
  • Age Arrested: 32
  • Current Age: 79
  • Crimes:
    • Unauthorised Access of an Active Spacecraft
    • Life-Threatening Tampering of Automated Functions
    • Second Degree Murder (42 counts)
  • Light Child Advisory:
    • Celeste Magic Resistance rating of 9.3 (Virtually Immune)
    • Prone to Hallucinations.

Prior to his arrest at Alo-Atu, Silk of the Solar Winds was considered an examplary member of the Star Organization (an extraplanetary branch of the Galactic Movement of the Endless), with the engineering division of the Limitless at his disposal. While Silk’s status as a Light Child was well known within the organization, Silk had come to believe that he was ‘cured’ of his problems and thus no longer had to worry about the issues that came with such a status.

An accident with a routine exercise aboard the Limitless led to the stay of Silk and a small squadron aboard the Alo-Atu space station, where the life support systems in one arc of the station soonafter shut down, killing all 42 residents. Upon investigation, Silk was found tampering with the local computer systems, to which he began claiming that he was ordered to do so because one of the residents was an enemy that he was ordered to eliminate “by any means necessary”, but the officers of the Limitless debunked and disavowed any and all involvement with Silk, dubbing him a “criminal stowaway” who had been impersonating an officer for quite some time.

Thanks in part to Light Child status, Silk’s death sentence was converted into a life sentence in solitary confinement, leaving Silk stranded and separated from his family. As time went on, Silk had started to become a popular criminal at the Koraidis Prison, developing new encryption algorithms (which he used to bypass the prison’s networking restrictions, then “sold” to the local government in exchange for additional perks), as well as renouncing his faith and becoming a staunch critic of the Endless.

Upon hearing of Last Resort, Silk leapt at the chance to finally earn his freedom and (finally) be reunited with what’s left of the family he left behind.