• Name: Unknown
  • Aliases: Qin Xu, The Deep Vampire
  • Primary Residence: Ariocoel , Celigo
  • Species: Human (Vampire)
  • Family: None
  • Age Arrested: Unknown (Claims 2081)
  • Current Age: Unknown + 5 (Claims 2086)
  • Crimes:
    • Espionage against the Celigan Military
    • Attempted Murder (3 counts)
    • Attempted Assassination
  • Vampire Advisory:
    • Vampires are a subspecies of Djinn. All Djinn warnings are in effect.
    • Requires Iron-rich (Red) blood to survive. 

      • Only feed distilled blood from properly harvested donations (which have have been filtered for nanotechnology, and thus believed to be inert).
      • Do NOT offer him “live”, nanotech-enriched blood, from your own body or anyone else’s. Anyone caught providing him any source of additional nanotech will be executed.
    • Dead Eyes appear at will. If seen, call immediately for backup.
    • No known “special” abilities have been recorded at this time. However, due to his allegedly advanced age, we suspect that he has been withholding knowledge of these abilities and may be saving them for an unprecedented attempt and/or is unable to perform said abilities thanks to our nano-filtering efforts. Report any and all strange phenomena occurring anywhere on Qin’s cell block.
Our records of the Deep Vampire date back only to the birth of Celigo itself — registered under the name Qin Xu, for several years we had been led to believe that Qin was no more than an eccentric albeit highly skilled doctor, capable of treating multiple species and alternating between them with practiced ease. For these reasons among others, Qin had managed to serve as First Wing Veled’s family physician in addition to his responsibilities at the Amichai Compound.

An attempt on Veled’s life revealed him to be a Vampire spy; soon after, Qin began to confess various details about his operation, including that he was over 2000 years old. Such an advanced age, if at all plausible, would make him one of the most feared vampires known — in addition to any firsthand knowledge he might have about Terth’s Connection as well as the rise of the Endless. However, no credible proof has been found.

Unfortunately, Qin has been very meticulous in covering his tracks, which include gaining a new identity approximately every 65 years — and so it is very difficult to tell what his “real”, original name is. Even with his “helpful” hints to start looking in 20th century “Chinese” databases, no concrete evidence has been found, and many of the abilities assumed to be found in elder Vampires have not been demonstrated. In addition, it appears that Qin has spent most of his life away from the vampire societies rumored to exist elsewhere, and so finding others who might corroborate his story has also proven difficult.

In spite of this, several documents from an apparent clandestine relationship with Nurovidia have been found, indicating that his attempt on Veled’s life was ultimately directed by them.

While any ordinary djinn would have been put to death immediately, First Wing Veled has graciously stayed his execution should concrete proof of his legendary origins emerge; his inclusion in Last Res0rt, thanks to the settlement involving former ambassador Arikos, should hopefully demonstrate his abilities in a reasonably secured environment, if he has them at all.