• Name: Dr. Daisy Nikita Archanis
  • Aliases: Dark Arch, [WITHHELD]
  • Primary Residence: Surnai Shoreline, Planet Arael
  • Species: Human
  • Family:
    • Jacek Archanis (Son)
    • Magnolia Archanis (Daughter)
  • Age Arrested: 51
  • Current Age: 51
  • Crimes:
    • [The nature of Dr. Archanis’s Plea Bargain with the Celigan Government expressly lists that her list of crimes be withheld from the public as part of that agreement.]
    • [This list (and other withheld) informtion will be provided only to officials of the Celigan Government with the appropriate clearance.]
  • Light Child Advisory:
    • Celeste Magic Resistance rating of 6.9 (Highly Resistive)
    • Highly Sensitive to Touch and Sound.

Celebrity CEO of interplanetary corporation Archanis Technologies, previous winner of the Miss Galaxy Girl Genius competition, and a spokesmodel for several charities, Dr. Archanis is an innovator of robotic technologies and a charismatic force to be reckoned with, on several levels.

Underneath this carefully crafted, charismatic past, however, is a terrifying Light Child who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. During her time in graduate school, she [WITHHELD] after an attack on [WITHHELD] by [WITHHELD], resulting in [WITHHELD] leading to [WITHHELD]. Reportedly assisted by [WITHHELD].