• Name: Xanatos Amadeus Wylde
  • Primary Residence: Planet Aremis
  • Species: Kaydin
  • Family: N/A (orphaned)
  • Current Age: 23

Xanatos Wylde is a child of the privatized orphanages on Planet Aremis, where he soon found involvement with the Church of the Endless a welcome alternative to being teased in the halls of the orphanage system. It’s no surprise that as soon as he was old enough to put his name on the contracts, he had joined the Star Organization and left the planet before he even had a chance to understand what he’d done.

Unfortunately for Xanatos, the scorn he thought he’d earned for having been born with pink eyes turned out to have been well-earned instead, and soon found himself taking the full brunt of the Star Org’s “concerns” with his behavior. While Xanatos was more than willing to profess his belief in anything and everything related to the Endless, that was also part of his problem — he was TOO willing, even before he understood what he was agreeing to, and what his mouth would say did not match up with what his body was willing to do.

Xanatos should have been tossed out an airlock well before now, but somehow, he made it to Last Res0rt Station, with half an ear missing and a willingness to volunteer in the name of executing criminals for fame and fortune. One can only wonder if his body can keep up this time.