• Name: Slick Mordecai Giovanni
  • Aliases: Don Giovanni
  • Residence: Third Jerusalem, Kitabi Plateau, Planet Arael
  • Species: Talmi
  • Family:
    • Steel Giovanni (Father, deceased)
    • Glitter Gates Giovanni (Mother)
    • Summer Giovanni (Sister)
    • Sky Giovanni (Sister)
  • Age Arrested: 20
  • Current Age: 26
  • Crimes:
    • Conspiracy against the State (Planet Arael)
    • Illicit Smuggling of Leather Products
    • Manufacturing of Illicit Leather Products
    • Sale of Illicit Leather Products
    • Kine Trafficking
    • Organized Criminal Behavior
    • Money Laundering
    • First Degree Murder (Steel Giovanni)

Slick’s one of the most deserving (or least deserving) criminals on the show. With a colorful array of crimes on his records, most people would be hard-pressed to believe him as anything more than a cold, calculating, potentially cutthroat mafia boss…

And then, he opens his mouth.

Slick professes his innocence for as long as anyone can stand to listen to him. He’ll tell you all about how he was born into the business, how all of his ‘professional’ demeanor was trained into him by his father, how he doesn’t even LIKE leather, let alone half the collars, harnesses, and other assorted bondage products his family has been known for making for years… and he might also even tell you about how his father’s bodyguard, a nebulous Celeste he knows only as “Candycane” is the one who killed his father, not him…

But of course, wouldn’t you expect him to say as much either way?