• Name: Kurt Antonio Striaeta
  • Aliases: Geisha
  • Primary Residence: Anteres Archipelago, Planet Kuvaela
  • Species: Kendril
  • Family:
    • Marina Striaeta (Mother)
    • Nigel Curino (Father)
    • Aurora Striaeta (Sister)
    • Melody Niaida (Niece)
  • Age Arrested: 29
  • Current Age: 32
  • Crimes:
    • Kidnapping (34 counts)
    • Forced Imprisonment (39 counts)
    • Sexual Assault (14 counts)
    • Torture (31 counts)
    • First Degree Murder (39 counts)
  • Violent Criminal Advisory:
    • Kurt’s face is rated ‘4.4’ on the Gorgon Scale (Assassin Grade).
    • NEVER remove his prison mask unless authorized.
    • Wear and use polarized lenses around him AT ALL TIMES.

Kurt’s early career as an artist ended poorly, with critics remarking that his works had “no life” in them, among other countless flaws. Desperate for success, he lured a prostitute out of Red Glow (the common nickname of most major cities’ “Service Industry” districts), who subsequently disappeared without further trace.

Weeks later, a sculpture, Venusia, of her approximate size and build was unveiled by Kurt, revealing a horrified, chained woman attached to a fragment of a boulder. The sculpture sold for a hefty fee, encouraging Kurt to continue his new ‘art form’; kidnapping several dozen destitutes, lowlifes, and other ‘overlooked’ people for the purposes of torturing them and transforming their bodies into stone.

Eventually this proved not to be enough for Kurt, who began to go after higher profile targets, in an attempt to seek out more attractive ‘subjects’ for his works. When finally captured on Arael (with over thirty-nine ‘sculptures’ tied to his crimes), Kurt was found dressed in Geisha attire and wearing a women’s mask to hide his lethal features, earning a nickname that continues to haunt him to this day.