• Name: Alice Paula Quinn
  • Primary Residence: Muraido City, Celigo
  • Species: Human (Djinn)
  • Family:
    • No Records Exist.
  • Age Arrested: 18
  • Current Age: 21
  • Crimes:
    • Attempted Assassination of a State Official
    • Conspiracy to Terrorism (10 counts)
    • First Degree Murder (7 counts)
  • Djinn Advisory:
    • Able to change Hair and Skin features at will.
    • Keep under observation at all times.
    • Cannot alter her Dead Eyes.

Arrested once for a relatively minor offense of protesting Celigo’s (otherwise wildly popular) childcare policy, Alice broke out of prison using her Djinn talents, staging a crime spree of serial killings that only stopped when Alice finally went too far and tried to assault the Mayor of Muraido City.

It was at this time that her Djinn skills were documented, along with a shocking discovery; Alice’s records were traced back to Nurovidia, leading officials to believe that she had been sent from there as a member of a terrorist cell. Nurovidia (as well as Alice herself) voiciferously denied these claims, insisting that Alice was a Celigan citizen and had never even set foot on Nurovidia.

Fortunately, with Nurovidia already being in legal troubles with Arikos, Last Resort provided the perfect means for the two planets to settle their differences (and reaching a satisfactory agreement… for now)