• Name: Spiral Auriga Black
  • Aliases: Captain Black
  • Residence: Ports Unknown, Tetorca
  • Species: Levriki
  • Family:
    • Octave Black (mother)
    • The crew of the Mermaid’s Moon (extended family)
  • Age Arrested: 25
  • Current Age: 29
  • Crimes:
    • Weapons Smuggling (5 counts)
    • Technology Smuggling (2 counts)
    • Wildlife Smuggling (17 counts)
    • Second-Degree Terrorism (2 counts)

Tetorca, a terraformed moon owned almost wholly by Wild-E Entertainment, has been marketed for centuries across the galaxy as the “Ultimate High Seas Experience”. The remnants of the company tasked with actually terraforming the world (who, among other things, failed to remember to install ice caps to keep ocean levels under check), Tetorca’s islands and vast seas provide tourists with several avenues of enjoyment from historical tourism to gambling, roleplay, and even “High Seas Piracy”. In short, nearly everyone on the planet is somehow incorporated into Wild-E’s lucrative business efforts.

Of course, they stopped letting the “natives” of the planet in on these details (along with their share of the planet’s profits) decades ago.

Spiral Black, raised as a Tetorcan pirate but educated at a boarding school on Vasci (the planet which Tetorca is a moon of), returned to his terraformed homeworld with a college degree and a hot head of steam. Irritated with what he calls the “exploitation” of his people, he organized an effort to ruin Wild-E’s historical illusion, including the smuggling of important anachronistic technologies and weapons, along with various creatures of wildlife that he felt were missing from this “too-perfect” planet.

Whatever goodwill he had earned from his friends and family for accelerating their technological progress went away quickly as he introduced giant cephalopods and sharks capable of killing unsuspecting swimmers and sinking seabound vessels. Spiral defended his actions as merely introducing predators into the water that would help balance out the ‘crippled’ ecosystem, but this did nothing to dissuade his fellow pirate brethren from turning him in, deciding that leaving him to the fate of being devoured by his own creatures was simply too good for him.