Year in Review:

For those who want a little plot recap:

In addition to this, we switched over to our currently snazzy WordPress site engine (complete with a sweet redesign!), opened Last Res0rt On Demand (Our Print-On-Demand Zazzle shop full of sweet swag!), an awesome omnibus cast page and tagging system, recieved several awesome reviews and an excellent interview (as well as a couple of guest appearances on the Webcomic Beacon!), and raised plenty of funds through the Star Org Cameo Drive, all of which means that 2010 is bound to be even better!

Plans for 2010:

  • The book’s done, now it just needs to be published! I’m shooting like mad to have them ready in time for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010 (and if they aren’t ready by then, I WILL be mad!), but don’t worry, they’ll be available online as well… probably around the same time, if not a little earlier.
  • More stuff available online! Yes, we do have Last Res0rt on Demand to handle some of the buttons and smaller items that you can otherwise only get at conventions, but once we have these books available for sale, we’ll also have a few other things we need to post for y’all as well, including those sweet posters from Anime Weekend Atlanta (You remember them, right? … oh, you weren’t there? Shame…)
  • The start of Volume Two! Yes, we’ve got a few more guest strips to go through while I’m getting everything back in order, but we’ll be back in action soon enough, which means all those cameos and things ought to be showing up shortly.

And of course, this isn’t all we’ve got planned… just the stuff that’s pretty obviously going to happen over the next year. But hey, what’s wrong with a few surprises? 😉

You Can Help Last Res0rt in 2010!

Of course, all of this requires making a lot of decisions about what to do, where to do it, and how to make this all as successful as possible…

So I’ve made a survey so you can help me do just that! Click here to go and take the survey now!

It mostly covers cool conventions I’m considering or stuff I want to try and make next, but it’s really important to fill this out even if you’re only thinking about going to a con or getting some of the stuff I have available, because I want to make sure it’s stuff you’ll like in addition to it being stuff that I can think I can make my money back on!

So… go ahead and take it, already!