• Name: Jason Alexander Spades
  • Aliases: Ace of Spades
  • Primary Residence: Omnipolis, Stratus, planet Fenirel
  • Species: Human (Djinned)
  • Family:
    • Adele Day (Mother) (Djinn) (institutionalized)
    • Jack Spades (Father) (enlisted)
    • Melissa Spades (Sister)
  • Current Age: 22
  • Djinned Advisory:
    • As a half-breed Djinn, Jason may possess some Djinn ability. However, no such ability has manifested thus far.
    • Any such abilities should be reported and added to this dossier as soon as they are discovered for further documentation.

A celebrated military hero of planet Fenirel, Special Agent Jason Spades (known as the “Ace of Spades” for his high-flying, daredevil tactics even among his teammates) was part of the Skydancer Corps up until his application to play on Last Resort. Rumor has it he was approached by Last Resort to play months prior, but only agreed to the terms of his contract once Daisy’s arrest/acceptance into the program was announced.

Jason’s celebrity status stems not only from his flamboyant flight behavior, but also his “Djinn Skin” — what appears to be a large, red tribal tattoo all along the right side of his body. Thanks to the liberal society of planet Fenirel, Jason’s status as a half-breed makes him appear more ‘exotic’ to the local populace.

One of the major complications of his stay at Last Resort is a large pet dog (a “Paladin Retriever” named Sunny) that apparently travels with him wherever he goes. While the dog is certainly tame and intelligent enough to be running around on its own, there are times when this can be… unnerving.