star_org_progress_completeNow we’re talking!

Quick addendum; if you can’t afford to pay it all at once / don’t trust yourself to hold onto the funds, you’re welcome to send the amount in installments. Just make sure I know that’s what you’re doing first, and don’t send them too small (Paypal takes its cut per transaction, after all), and keep in mind that I still need at least half  before I’ll start work on at least the badges, and whatever else is left in order to include you.

… Also, given how far ahead I work sometimes, you’re only delaying your big cameo appearance if you’re not timely about it. 😉

I’m still only counting the amount of funds that I’ve actually received, not what’s been promised to me, since I need those funds on hand come book-printing time, so… don’t wait! Send an order!