star_org_progress_completeWe’re getting there!

A couple folks are at a loss for what to do for a cameo, but hey… who said it had to be a character you already used? At least one enterprising fan has made a whole new character to fit alongside the LR-verse, so if you have any ideas / need more background information on a certain species you’re interested in using… just ask!

Also, a Warning: More than a couple of folks’ orders have been getting caught in the spam filter, so please, make sure somewhere in the email you mention “Last Res0rt” (ideally, in the subject of the email) to avoid delays; at least one person’s order has had the confirmation that they paid arrive before their order did as a result of this, which not only delays your order, but could also cause additional headaches as I try to figure out where an unaccounted for payment came from (not to mention your own frustration if you don’t recieve confirmation that I saw your order)!