We’re moving along, honest!

There’s actually several more cameos waiting to be added in, but they’re not showing up just yet because we haven’t received their payments (and so it’s rather unfair to everyone else if I count them before they’re finalized)!

Some quick questions for those of you yet to send in an order though:

  • When’s the Cameo Drive Over? Well, it’s gonna take about $1000 to cover a minimum print run for the books, so it’ll either end one week after we meet that goal, or around December 25, 2009, whichever comes later. I didn’t mention this before as I’d hoped the lack of deadline would encourage folks to go ahead and send stuff in as soon as possible, but more than a few hopefuls may need time to gather up funds.
  • Is my character acceptable? The main hiccup most folks might have is if their character is of  a copyrighted species (Lombaxes, Koopas, Chakats … you get the idea), in which case I will insist their character needs to be adapted to the setting. For everyone else, I’ll usually offer to help you convert the character to a similar species already within the LR mythos at no charge, but most of the time your character will be just fine as they are. Again, if you’re concerned your character might need adjustments, send an email already!
  • How long should it all take? Well, if everything goes well (and I end up buried under at least a dozen commissions / cameos) . . . quite a bit! I’ll try to start on conbadges once I get the last bits of artwork for the books finished, but I would estimate we’re looking at finishing the first conbadges about a month from now, and the first cameos will appear around the start of Volume 2, which would be… February at the earliest. (Come on, it’s a weekly comic, of course art this involved is going to take a while!) You’ll be informed / involved throughout the process of making the conbadges, though, and once you’ve got those it should tide you over long enough to wait for the cameos. ^_^
  • Can you Ship to [Insert Difficult Location Here]? These badges are light, so the shipping’s cheap either way — which means, yes, I CAN ship internationally / to military addresses! There’s no additional charge for shipping, but if you want to throw in a couple bucks more, I won’t complain! 😉

Don’t delay any longer than you have to, though — if you’re interested, send in an order!