Footnote: Let’s add some new words to your vocabulary, using a few you already know!

Celeste (like Gabriel) can “convince” people into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise do, using Tone. What we’ve seen already from folks like Daisy, Jigsaw, and others is a skill known asΒ Tone Resistance, where people can hear and translate the Tone to figure out what’s being said. If you’re really good at it like White Noise is, it becomes Tone Immunity, which is Tone Resistance without that pesky “sometimes it fails and you get Toned anyway” problem.

Being Tone Deaf is a little different, in that someone who is Tone Deaf can’t be Toned, but they also have no idea that someone is attempting to Tone them in the first place — the Tone attempt simply fails. This happens with most animals, as well as some of the more exotic species of Wanderers that have yet to develop the necessary indoctrination in their species for Tone to be reliable.

Given the choice, most Celeste would prefer dealing with a Tone Resistant sophont over a Tone Deaf one. Being caught red-handed is one thing; being unable to beg for mercy is another.