For my American readers, today’s a day for food, family, and general awkwardness dealing with both of those things (often while trying to enjoy the other), but it’s also a day of thanks.

And quite frankly, I have plenty of things to be thankful for, including all of you:

  • Some of you see me and J.P. at the conventions and stop by, hang out, and sometimes offer us things we feel awkward turning down (and end up accepting as a result half the time)!
  • Some of you buy books and things from the online storefront.
  • Some of you keep tabs through the Elite List (which if you’re not already signed up there, is a great way to get weekly emails of the comic, among other things!)
  • Some of you comment on the latest pages, chat up on the Facebook fan page, leave questions at Formspring for me to answer, and otherwise contribute to this awesome community we’ve got going here.
  • Some of you just read the comic and not much else (for all sorts of reasons, I’m sure), but you’re still having an impact, even if it’s just something as faint as the flicker of recognition and a blip on the screen here and there.

And for that, thank you. All of you.

Keep going, and you’ll all find plenty more where this came from.