It’s that time of year where people ask the tough questions, like:

  • “Is Santa going to make my leg better?”
  • “Why is Mommy making me take pictures with people I don’t even like?”
  • “Where is this year’s Last Res0rt ornament?”

Fortunately, I’m fully capable of answering that last one!

Last Res0rt's 2012 Holiday Ornament

This year it’s Team Corvus (because quite honestly, it was either them or Gemini, and I once again failed to get Addy to understand that “snow” is, in fact, a safe thing that will not burn her skin), and they look great! These simple, round ceramic ornaments won’t weigh down the tree and they’re bound to delight!

Also, you may notice that this ornament says “2012” on it: If you’re new to the comic, don’t fret, because ’tis the season to go ahead and catch up on the rest of the collection too! These puppies are out of retirement until the end of December!

Remember, these ornaments are done a little differently from everything else I sell in the store, because they’re an On-Demand item done by Zazzle — but that means they’re subject to all the various discounts Zazzle runs throughout the month, too! Keep the tradition going, and get your ornament(s) today!