It’s here at last!

For those who’ve been wondering impatiently where the freakin’ book is… we’ve ironed out all the kinks in the system, tweaked the Artist’s Editions slightly into a version we can actually ship through the mail, and worked out all the other details to make it possible so you can purchase your copy of Last Res0rt: First Against the Wall today!

And it’s not just the books, either; there’s also two brilliant poster prints available for sale, as well as a page just for ordering commissions. And of course, there’s always all of that print-on-demand goodness you can still pick up from Last Res0rt @ Zazzle; that hasn’t changed.

The Artist Editions for Volume One include a set of four photo-sized prints, instead of the poster that I included with the books at the conventions.  (Mostly because the shipping costs to offer it the other way around go up way too much to expect anyone to pay for that.) If you’re one of the lucky few who picked up an Artist Edition already and want the prints as well, just let me know and I’ll take care of that.

Last Res0rt: First Against The Wall contains the first three years’ worth of pages for Last Res0rt, along with some bonus art and an additional story that’s only available in this book!

The book clocks in at 172 pages of full-color action, so what’re you waiting for? Grab yours today!