Nope, I’ve not lost my mind — it just so happens that my birthday’s this week, and why should I be the only one to enjoy it?

If you’ve not already stopped by to see the site redesign unveiled earlier this week, you’ve noticed that there’s room for lots of things on the site — including the ability to leave comments. Of course, there are a lot of pages here, and only so many people who’re otherwise willing to leave feedback on some of the ones buried deep in the archives. If you want a chance at winning a free commission, just leave a  comment with a valid email address (so I can contact you if you win)!

Because there need to be rules to this sort of thing:

  • Comments won’t count if they get caught in the spam filter or are otherwise just garbage.
  • Yes, leaving multiple comments will help your chances (so long as they are valid comments, anyway), so feel free to go through the archives and comment on older pages!
  • The email address should go in the field that asks for an email address, not in the comment field itself :-p The site shouldn’t let you submit a comment otherwise, but just in case…
  • I’m counting all comments posted until February 7th, so if you’ve already left a few, you’re included too.
  • This is for a single-character, full-body commission rated PG-13 or lower.
  • I’ll pick a random comment from the ones submitted. Many will enter, One will win.

If you’re not keen on leaving things up to chance, I’m still offering conbadge commissions at $15 apiece, until I decide I’ve got too many to do.  It’s a great way to support the comic and get some sweet artwork for yourself, so why wait? Send an email / DM via Twitter, and we can discuss the details.

As for the rest of you… good luck!