Footnote: Since the last line there is confusing a few folks, here’s three things worth knowing:

  1. Fenirel (as the average person knows it) consists of high platforms and skyscrapers, anywhere from 300 ft off the ground to a mile high, depending on the terrain below and the wind currents in any given area. The actual surface of Fenriel has been abandoned and reclaimed by nature since, save for some modern-day aboriginal cultures. This is done partly as the most eco-friendly solution to colonizing the planet, partly because the native species of Fenriel (which we haven’t seen yet, by the way) is still hostile to most “foreigners” and insists on being left alone 90% of the time, and partly because the local megafauna would make you piss yourself.
  2. Fenirel’s gravity is notoriously low compared to other worlds (such as Arael). This makes the high platforms possible, and also means that the average person who’s grown up on Fenirel is actually fairly weak in comparison to other worlds. Jason is the exception that proves the rule — he IS supposed to be a just-retired soldier, after all.
  3. Jigsaw has legs. They can kick. Couple that with our gravity comparison in point 2, and you get the page above.

Note that gravity being less than normal doesn’t make it any less deadly, it just means you can fall a lot further without hurting yourself — and going base jumping without a parachute like that is going to hurt no matter HOW undead you are. Of course, there are protections built in around these platforms, so the odds that he’d be intercepted by a dampener platform before hitting the surface, or at least have the authorities and emergency crews coming after him on the way down, is pretty high, which means our new sire will likely end up dead, hospitalized, or arrested, and any of those options will keep him busy for a while. Of course, all Jigsaw really cares about right now is that he’s falling awful far…