Footnote: Anachronistic, you say?

Well, yeah, it’s about as relevant a metaphor to them as going on about “thirty pieces of silver” and people hiding inside wooden horses and other crazy things that happened just as long ago is to us.  ‘Course, in this case, it’s also the context that matters, and since we are talking about someone being tortured into giving a confession here…

Language is a funny thing, and since “The Spanish Inquisition” is a lot harder to get across to someone not from Terth (“What’s a Spain?”), “Confessing to 9/11” has become the refuge phrase for angsty teens, harried spouses, and mistreated employees all across the GET-speaking galaxy whenever they get a few too many questions.

The lesson of all this? Be careful telling folks to remember certain things — they may not remember the same parts you want them to.

Secondary Footnote: For newer readers, or at least those with short memories, these two are talking about the “Little Ol’ Leak” that came out right before the second episode about Daisy. You can refer to these pages if you like.