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Okay, folks, this is it.

The kickstarter ends in another 24 hours (as of this post) — it’s funded, I’m happy, that’s great.

Let’s review:

  • The Books are Funded! Also, because it funded so quickly, I improved the stretch goals!
  • The Church of the Endless Propaganda is Unlocked! All the folks with physical rewards ($25+) will get copies of these THREE exclusive pamphlets!
  • We’re $597 away from unlocking All The $15+ Backers, All The Digital Things,which means everyone who donated more than $15 gets digital PDF copies of the books and wallpapers on top of their current order!
  • At $7000, we’ll add on some additional digital content to go with all those digital rewards, including PDF copies of the Pamphlets!
  • And at $8000, there’s a second bonus story for Volume Two still waiting in the wings!

If you want to make sure you’ve got your stuff sorted, or you’re at all on the fence about getting books or a cameo, now is the time. Those digital goodies are going to be the only ebook versions available for a while (or at least until I figure out a better way to sell ’em!), and those cameos? Once the kickstarter’s over, that’s all the folks who’ll be in Volume Three — so unless you have the patience to wait three more years (assuming I do this again!), you better get in now!

And since I know a ton of you have already donated:


It means a lot, and one thing I didn’t expect to find out on the way to doing this kickstarter is seeing just how many projects thought they were doing everything right and still fall short. Some of these folks are friends of mine and others are those who I still expected to be doing better than they have been. So to actually see that I still have the kind of support it takes to pull off something like this? It’s huge.

We’ve got a little further to go — I’d like to see what else we can pull off — but for getting this far, thank you.