Footnote: Certain slang comes and goes — but “Glitter” is almost universally understood in this case to refer to nanotechnology, especially the type that people like to use to stay healthy. Different types of Glitter abound, but generic Glitter works to stay blood-borne and help prop up the natural immune systems of their hosts.

In Adharia’s case, she’s suffering not from any deficiencies in her actual health, but from her recent immigration. It takes time to become sufficiently “infected” with good nanotechnology, and from a colonization standpoint, she’s about as healthy as an eight-month-old baby.

Ironically, the presence of programmable immune systems has managed to eradicate most natural diseases… but if you think computer security is bad now, imagine having to include anti-virus in your healthcare costs and trying to counter heartworms.

Remember, folks — No matter who you trust, always practice safe hex.