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Let’s grease some wheels, shall we?

The kickstarter has two weeks left before it runs out, but I’d love to have a little more fun with this — all those stretch goals I mentioned over on the kickstarter page (like secret Org documents and additional bonus content) can only happen if we actually have time left after hitting the initial funding levels to raise further funds.

I want to have that, both so I can relax a little bit and so I can actually have a chance to deliver on what I’ve offered, so here’s the deal:

You have until End of Monday PST (yes, I’ll count all you west-coasters for a change!) to back this project to 100% — that’s not too far off, especially if people get cameos vs. ordering books — and in exchange, I’ll expand the current stretch goals we’ve got:

  • Org Propaganda gets expanded to include THREE pamphlets, not just one! Wing it Like Veled: 20 ways to Protect your Soul and The Shocking Truth about Planet Arael will be added to the library!
  • All the Cameos, All the Digital Things gets expanded to All the $15+ Backers, All the Digital Things — you ordered a book? You get digital things. You ordered a cameo? You get digital things. You inexplicably donated $141 and DIDN’T pick a reward level (even though you know you could alter your pledge later if you wanted to)? You get digital things too, although in your case I’m pretty sure I can only do that just because I know who you are. EVERYONE WINS!
  • Expanded Digital Things becomes Even More Digital Things — In addition to the Added Wallpapers and the PDF copies of Org Propaganda, I’m including extra wallpaper material from the (not yet made) cover art of Volume 2 as well as the Propaganda! Remember, we’ve already unlocked the digital things for LOTS more people now… so that’s stuff everyone gets to enjoy!

Remember, that offer only holds if it funds by the end of Monday… so hop to it! 

(EDIT: You did it! Consider those goals unlocked! I’ll be updating things momentarily…)