What Is Last Res0rt?

Last Res0rt is a free online comic that updates every Sunday with a new page each week. On top of that:

  • The webcomic has cyberpunk elements, which typically means we’re dealing with the darker side of science fiction. Considering that we’ve got bionic limbs, robotic nannies, and all-seeing cameras, we’re pretty sure it counts.
  • The comic also includes furry creatures; in other words, anthropomorphic animals, aliens, and other things that aren’t quite human but for all intents and purposes may as well be human… with a few cosmetic and sensory differences.
  • Finally, there are also some supernatural/fantasy details in the comic as well; things like Djinn, Vampires, the Celeste and their magic…  but if you’ve already accepted the idea that you can have furry animals running around in a dystopian future, what’s a few vampires to the mix going to do?

Is Last Res0rt safe for kids to read?

Does the phrase “This Site is Rated Web-14” mean anything to you? We have this handy little panda saying so:

This site contains slightly offensive material.  High chance of mild swearing, partial nudity, violence and adult themes.

Let’s be fair here, this is not a comic to use for teaching your preschoolers to read English. You’re likely to encounter some of the following on this website:

  • Coarse Language (Most often a variation of the word ‘f*ck’ — it’s just so versatile!)
  • Blood, dismembered body parts, and other illustrated gore
  • Illustrated violence, including gun violence, sword violence, and other weapons-related violence.
  • Non-explicit nudity (we won’t show any bits, but every now and then people still lose their clothes)
  • Comments posted by other readers and fans (i.e. people who aren’t me) at the bottom of comic pages.

All of these things, of course, are nothing compared to most of the other things a kid could find on the internet, but they’re still likely to offend somebody.

If you think you’re going to have a problem with any of this, I recommend reading the comic yourself before you pass any judgment.

Um, when you say Last Res0rt is “Furry”…

That means there’s cartoon-y, anthropomorphic animals in it. Who otherwise act like humans and are essentially treated like humans.

If you’re really confused about furry comics, furry fandom, and other “Furry” stuff, just think of everything you know about Anime and Manga, then replace all the human characters with various cats and foxes and what have you.  There’s really not much difference between the two, except you usually save money by not having to import stuff from Japan.

Okay, so one major difference; there’s no furry equivalent for ‘pocky’. (Though a lot of them still like it.)

If the comic is “Furry”, what animal is Jigsaw (or any other character) supposed to be?

Actually, Jigsaw is a Talmi — an alien species that we would classify as a feline marsupial.

Most of the furry characters in the Last Res0rt comic are alien species, which means they won’t quite look like what you expect furries to look like — for example, White Noise is an Anyr, so he looks like some sort of horse, but has a floofy / feathery tail and parrot-like feet. Most of the other creatures have a similar “twist” in their appearance like that.

I’m wondering about [Insert  Plot Point Here]!

A couple pages on the site might help you:

  • The Cast Page (including some more in-depth profiles for a few lucky characters)
  • The New Readers’ Page, which includes a handy chart AND a page-by-page summary of what’s going on.

As far as the rest goes… the story is still unfolding, so odds are that you can either follow along and wait for the answer, or you can always ask.

  • There’s room for comments underneath all of the pages, if you’re just concerned about a specific page.
  • There’s forums elsewhere where you can interact with other fans, who may have a better grasp on things.
  • And if that fails, you can always just email me or post a question on formspring.

How do I get a Cute Little Icon next to my comments?

Those little icons next to people’s names are called Gravatars, and you can use them on any blog or comic that uses the Gravatar system (HINT — If a comic is running on Comicpress, it’ll work there too)! So, if you want one that’s a custom image, go to the Gravatar site and set one up!

If you don’t want to, that’s fine — the site automatically generates one of those patchwork identicons (based on your email address) if you don’t have anything more specific set up, and those’re cool too.

Why do you keep asking for donations?!

Because that’s what webcomics do. Especially webcomics that are updated every week and happen to be free webcomics.

Posting new pages to a free online comic each week isn’t easy, and those Project Wonderful ads don’t cover everything (some of these only pay me in traffic as opposed to money, which actually means they probably pay me even less than the ones that just pay money). Donating directly to me, on the other hand, keeps me from having to come up with new ways to ask for your money, or at least buy me time so I can focus on things that I’m reasonably certain you’ll like rather than trying things that may make money in the short run but just annoy people.

As I start to see that people want specific merchandise and figure out how to sell it, I’ll make those available for purchase online.

In the meantime, you should still donate via Paypal, or buy a book, so I can afford to keep making more of the comic. You’ll get lots of pretty wallpapers (and I’ll release new ones from time to time), so you still get something good for your donation.

Even just a $1 donation via PayPal will give you access to a ton of sweet wallpapers like the ones below. Seriously, it’s nice stuff.

If you’d rather throw money at me in exchange for more tangible comic merchandise, check out the store here for stuff like prints, commissions, and other goodies. And if you want something else? Give me some tips on what to make for the store next, then!