Happy Holidays!

I’m thankful for each and every one of you, and what you allow me to do. If you want me to send you a holiday postcard this season, fill out this form with a valid address.


Everyone who fills out that form before 11:59p PST this Friday (November 27, 2015) will receive a postcard, free of charge. The deal’s only good for today so I can order enough of the cards in time to mail them for the holidays.

If you don’t see this message in time, I’m also extending this deal to all Patreon backers at the $5+/month level — so you can sign up and help cover the costs of someone else’s postcard. As always with Patreon, you can cancel anytime, and now’s as good a time to hop on board as any.

As for the rest of you — fill out the form, get a postcard, and share the heck out of this!

Remember, this offer’s only good today — so hop to it!