Yes, there are in fact items for sale! That also happen to be mine!

First up, we have some lovely books available — I don’t want to put the print versions up until all the remaining kickstarter orders are taken care of (at least the ones I have control over!), but that’s no reason not to go ahead and deliver unto you the Digital Copies! Pick up Volume One or Volume Two (or heck, grab both and take advantage of the discount of bundling!)

Or, if you’d like something physical — how about this year’s ornament? I decided to try something different…

Last Res0rt's 2014 ornament, featuring Binary and Melody!


I’m not sure how soon you need to order this ornament to get it in time, but if you need it — or any of the previous year’s ornaments — now is a good time to go ahead and order it!

Or, if you’d rather the gift that keeps on giving, there’s a Patreon campaign you may have heard me talking about…  considering that some of the unlockable rewards include “bonus updates” and “exclusive artwork mailed to your door”, everyone has a happy holiday with that option!

They’re all great options — but pick one, and quick! Last I checked, Hanukkah starts Tuesday night…