Want some books? I have some books!

This weekend (March 8-10, 2013) is Momocon, down at the Hilton Atlanta! I’ll be in Artist’s Alley with J.P. of BugPudding, and I’ll have copies of The White Diamond Crisis, Last Res0rt’s newest annual (covering “Part Two” of this current volume).

We're at Table S-2 at Momocon!

And then there’s just enough time to pack up and regroup before Furry Weekend Atlanta¬†(March 15-17, 2013) — second verse, same as the first, but we’ll be in the Dealer’s Den vs. the Artist’s Alley! (Although we’ve been moved a little bit … here’s the new layout!)

We're in the Dealer's Den at FWA!

Once the conventions are taken care of, we’ll add the books to the online store.

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