The Next Best Thing to the Convention Table!

We have a LOT of catching up to do!

The online store’s been given a serious upgrade through StorEnvy, which has tons of features I haven’t been able to include before, like a proper shopping cart, combined shipping, and something you probably didn’t realize you were missing…all the stuff I’ve sold at previous conventions!

  • Remember those shirts I did for PhreakNIC 12 a few years ago? I’ve been selling the shirts at conventions, but now those of you who can’t make it to the cons can get a shirt for yourself! (Fair warning, though — I’ve only got Size L shirts left!)
  • I’ve been experimenting with some new bottle openers at the conventions… I’ve already set up Jigsaw, Daisy and Jason into sparkly metal form, with more to follow depending on how well these do!
  • And, what I know so many of you have been waiting for… but Volume Two isn’t available yet. Part One, however, most certainly is!

There’s other surprises in store, so check out the store today!