The Last Res0rt 2011 Ornament is here!
‘Tis the season to be sending cards and hanging ornaments!

There’s a bevy of items available from Last Res0rt this year, including not just ornaments, but also greeting cards and wintry postage!

If you picked up last year’s ornament, you’re sure to want this one as well… and even if you didn’t, it’s available again, so you can pick up both at once and save even more!

Greeting Cards to Send a Little Cha0s with your Cheer!

There’s more! For those of you who’d rather spare yourselves the cost and stress of waiting for ceramic to come through the post office, there’s also greeting cards and postage available in both holiday designs! The prices on these can’t get much lower than a postage stamp, right?

Holiday Postage with your Favorites!

Get yours ordered today, because the holidays can’t make it here fast enough!

Same deal applies as last year — if enough of these get ordered, I’ll post the digtal wallpaper versions as a holiday freebie for everybody!

And don’t forget, we always have books for sale as well, among other things! (The nice folks at Connected Concepts have a shirt with someone who looks an awful lot like Daisy on the back, too…)