I’m just gonna leave this here…

  • Yes, that’s Anime Weekend Atlanta, happening September 30th through October 2, 2011. The date’s a weekend later than it usually is.
  • I’ll be with J.K. of Bug Pudding, and our table’s up against the wall. Ought to cut down on the confusion.
  • The ONLY preorders available for this convention will be the black-and-white badges. Go ahead and purchase these in the store, and they’ll be ready come convention time. If you want anything else, I’m sorry, but these are the ONLY badges I can guarantee to have ready in time for if they’re purchased before, oh… September 28th, which is still pushing it a little.

One more thing… looks like an enterprising reader is setting up a Fan Meet-Up at AWA, so carve out a little extra schedule time!

More details to be posted as it gets closer to the convention. Of course, if you sign up for the Elite List, you can get these notices much faster…

See you there!