No, I’m not going to Anthrocon.

Yes, I know a good chunk of y’all are going, but I’m not one of them, and honestly, that just means I’m going to need some help from you to spread the word! You’re going to need a few things to pull this off: a smile, a little nerve, a good shower… and something to give to folks to make sure they get back to the site!

I’ve done the hard part to help you with that last one: I’ve made a black-and-white foldy comic that you can take, print out, and fold up into mini comic books (as explained here) to give to folks at the convention. ‘Course, since you’ll be giving them to folks at the con, it’d be a little unfair to ask you to cough up anything for the trouble.

We’re going to do this one on the honor system.

Email me, DM me on Twitter, whatever works… just let me know you’re headed to Anthrocon and I’ll send you the PDF! Be careful printing it out (I got it as close to the margins as I could… so your printer may cut off the edges if you don’t pay attention), fold up a batch, and be ready to make a splash!

(Oh, and… one more thing… remember to take a few pictures! I’d love to see what you do with these!)