On April 1, 2007, I started posting comics on a weekly basis at lastres0rt.xepher.net. Things have changed since then (including picking up the domain name https://www.lastres0rt.com), but the general principle has stayed the same: A new comic, every week, featuring your favorite characters.

I’ve done my best to try and make sure you have SOMETHING you can sink your teeth into each week, but this time, Grad School’s gotten the better of me, and I have a bunch of big projects to work on for this last month or so of the semester. (Major drawback of being one of the few artists on campus? I get drafted to do the art for EVERYTHING…)

So, the bad news is, there’s gonna be a little haitus time.

The good news is, we’re wrapping up this episode (which is usually a good time to pause and breathe for a few), and the break shouldn’t be long at all — about 4 weeks worth, which is hopefully enough time to get everything done, or at least free up some time again.

I have a couple more comics in the buffer before we run dry for a while, so here’s what’s going to happen:

  • The last strip in this current sequence is going up April 10, 2011.
  • The Semester finishes up in early May, but just to make sure I’m not working during finals week, regular comics will resume May 15, 2011 unless I receive a bunch of guest strips to pick up the slack.
  • Hopefully we will have four guest strips to cover up the slack in the meantime, which is where your magic fingers come in to send on your best work! If I get more, I’ll extend the haitus for a little longer.

Rest assured I am NOT sitting on my laurels here; I have at least three big projects you’ll love that should be show-off-able by the end of the month.

In the meantime, now would be a really good time to do something nice for the comic, like that aforementioned guest art, or talking up the comic around the internet, or even donating! Because, really, if you like the comic, it could use all of these things, and I would like to come back to the comic in the summer and not see tumbleweeds on the website, mmki?

And to those of you thinking this is my usual April Fool’s prank: honestly, if I had time to come up with something good for a prank, I wouldn’t need the haitus. If you’re craving for new comic pages that badly, go buy Volume One; it’s got a bonus scene in it that has shattered people’s jaws, and if you haven’t read it (which is quite a few of you people), you should. Heck, if you can convince your teacher to make it Summer Reading, all the better.