Slavery sucks. We’ve fought wars over it, beaten people over the head (rhetorically) about it, and you’d think with as many people understanding what a terrible, awful thing it is, it’d be eradicated, right?

… actually, it just went underground.

There’s an estimated 27 million people trapped in human trafficking around the world (including 1.2 million children), and about 16,000 more are brought into / through the United States annually. A lot of this is for sex trafficking (prostitution, what have you), and it needs to be stopped, but it won’t stop until enough people know what’s going on and rattle the right cages to give this problem the attention it deserves.

Tuesday, January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day — so, I’ve thrown in my lot with the Comic Creator’s Alliance (over 100 cartoonists and comic artists, both on the web and in print!) to put together an epic collaborative piece of some of your favorite female characters! You can either donate to get a wallpaper or buy a huge print of them all, and the proceeds go to Love 146 and Gracehaven House, two organizations working to end this problem.

Seriously, donate today.

P.S. As a  bit of a bonus incentive… I know the pic of Jigsaw they used is kinda small, so if you’ll forward me a copy of your reciept for donating / buying a print and include your screen resolution, I’ll add in a bonus wallpaper with just Jigsaw, so you can appreciate the level of work that went into this one. And hey! If you click around on some of these other artists’ websites, I bet they have similar deals going on too! So get your hands on some of that sweet bonus material today!