Hey, when consumer culture gives you an excuse…

I’ve spent the past few weeks doing a lot of things (including rescuing the comic from an exhausted buffer!), but I’ve also been adding some new items to the Zazzle store to get ready for y’all as well! so, what’s in store for you all?

Last Res0rt 2010 Holiday Ornament

Yes, there’s a special Holiday Edition item! This season-exclusive Last Res0rt 2010 ornament is double-sided, printed on ceramic, and available in plenty of time to get on your tree for the big day!

There’s a bit of a bonus incentive, too — if enough people buy this ornament, I’ll release a free wallpaper of the image as well! So you could end up with both the ornament AND a wallpaper — one to trim your tree, and the other to trim your computer!

Better hurry, though; they’re only available from now through December! Get your ornament today!

New Items Available @ Zazzle!

Those ornaments aren’t the only new items available at the Last Res0rt @ Zazzle Store! (Hey, I told you I added a lot, didn’t I?) There’s all sorts of new items featuring some of your favorite moments of the comic — some of which lend themselves to looking quite awesome on t-shirts and coffee mugs!

The best part? All day on Black Friday, Zazzle is offering some great sales on various items, so you could get yourself a sweet discount on stuff you’re already raring to buy anyway — and even if you don’t see something you’d like to buy, well, hey, you might be able to talk me into whipping up a few more items…

We Have Lots Of Books! Please Freakin’ Buy One!

Of course, the absolute best gift you could get someone is the gift of comics!

There’s plenty of books still available in time for the holidays — Artist Editions Included, and they’re all ready to ship!

If you’re reading this comic, getting the book is a no-brainer. Not only do you get a great pocket-sized collection of the archives right at your fingertips, there’s print-only pages in the book as well — from special commentary by Jigsaw to a bonus scene in the same full-color, full-page style you know and love!

The book contains 172 pages in that same vibrant color you’ve come to know and love, making this book an excellent gift!

So, you’ve got the perfect collection of items to choose from — books, merchandise, and a special ornament to share the joy of Last Res0rt with the whole family — and it’s all available now! (Heck, if you hurry, we might even have it sent to you in time for Hanukkah! )

Come and get it, and Happy Holidays!