Strange things always seem to happen whenever Last Res0rt’s anniversary rolls around.

This year, it’s actually something good.

Long-time visitors (and a few folks who’ve seen these in action on my computer IRL) have known I’ve been sitting on these for a while in the hopes I could actually turn out something awesome with ’em… and sitting… and sitting…

Well, I’m sick of sitting!

Available with any $5 or more Donation are two animated mascot skins of Jigsaw Forte (each with their own outfit), available for use with the MaCoPiX (Mascot Constructive Pilot for X) system. Each mascot has its own set of animations (to blink, emote, or pull out objects from behind their back), can sit on top of your windows or on your taskbar, and react when you click on them.

MaCoPiX uses the X window system, which means most modern Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, AND Linux!) are covered.

So, where’s the “Ha ha, April Fools!” joke?

… The software’s open source, hasn’t been updated in two years, and most of it’s still in its native Japanese.

It DOES work, though. It just won’t hold your hand while it does it.

If you’re skeptical, go ahead and install MaCoPiX for free, see if you can get it working, and then go ahead and donate to get the mascots.

Have fun!