Just because it’s a webcomic doesn’t mean you get to buy the book online first.

Remember me going on about Volume One coming out soon? Well, it’s here. The first copies of Last Res0rt – First Against The Wall are in my hands, and… well, most webcomics would be willing to do a preorder and risk coming up short on funds, but this was what the cameo drive was meant to prevent. At the same time, there’s been a lot of energy into making sure the books came in time for the spring conventions… and it does nobody any good to not have books on hand because they already sold out online first.

So… we’re doing a rolling launch.

  • We’ll be having the books available only to convention-goers for the first couple of weeks, first at MomoCon (March 20-21), and then Furry Weekend Atlanta (March 26-28) the next weekend.
  • After Furry Weekend Atlanta, we’ll open up sales of the books online, to the public.
  • If for whatever reason we run out of books to sell, we’ll take orders at the conventions as well (same as we do for commissions) and deal with it from there.

Despite all forces conspiring against us, we’ve made it into the MomoCon Artist’s Alley in the Piedmont Room (marked on this nifty and unnecessarily 3D map). Unfortunately we can’t provide much better in the way of directions, but you shouldn’t have a hard time finding us once you make it to the room.

See you there!