sellin-shirts-zazzleYou asked for it, and now we’ve got it!

If you’re paying attention, you’ve noticed that spiffy glowy version of Last Res0rt’s logo… it’s a special lineworked version, in the style of Hugh MacLeod (‘cept ours is nice and radial, and in the shape of the logo), and looks sweet all by itself.

And if you’d like a closer look at it as well, you’re welcome to it — so long as you’re willing to buy a shirt or two from Last Res0rt On Demand (available at Zazzle!) with the design on it! These shirts are made to same high quality standards as all other Zazzle Merchandise (which is to say, it beats the pants off Cafepress), and all pieces come with the art on the front and a little URL for the sake of “you know where this came from” on the back.

Naturally, all purchases from the shop help keep the comic going, and even when they don’t, it’s a nice ego boost. So go buy a shirt today!