Jigsaw Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous, Doesn't She?

Everyone’s got plans for this weekend, don’t they?

I’ll be at Dragon*Con this weekend (albeit not with a table!), but I’ve made sure to get in on the action over at Mephit Fur Meet as well with a couple of conbook contributions. One of them is sure to be appreciated… there’s a coupon at the bottom of it for a free, unreleased wallpaper!

It’s only available free for a limited time, and I might release it closer to Halloween for those looking to donate… but for now, the only way to get a hold of it is to find the coupon code in the conbook, and then head over to Webcomic Wallpapers to redeem it!

The code’s reusable, so feel free to point it out to other congoers at MFM, or to share the code with folks who couldn’t make it.  (Please don’t post it here / on the forums though — that makes it too easy!)

Just remember, the code only works through the month of September… so act fast!