blacksilver_chibi-siteFor those wondering, CLD won the freebie badge from the survey. If you were hoping to win the badge, you can still get one too!

… You’ll just have to pay $25 for it instead. 😉

These badges feature a chibi rendition of yourself / your fursona / your WoW Level 70 Death Knight / whatever with your name. Each badge is are roughly 4” by 6”, custom made, cut to contour, laminated, and comes with a badge clip.

AND… these badges also now have “If lost, return to” information on the back! In case you ever get separated from your badge at a convention, now your badge has a better chance of making it home!

All artwork is fully digital, so in the rare case that you do need a replacement, it couldn’t be easier.

But Wait, There’s More! The first five (5) folks who order badges get a $5 discount off their badges – so they only pay $20 instead for the same awesome badge, and hey, shipping’s still included in the price.

… but that’s only for the first five folks, so if you’re wanting a badge while they’re still cheap… act fast and order now!