The internet has done it again!

Last Res0rt On Demand (available through Zazzle) is your newest source for Last Res0rt merchandise. Most of it at the moment is the same stuff you may have seen  at conventions, except the Zazzle store also has other forms of merchandise I can’t make otherwise, like keychains, postage stamps, and other good stuff. (You can now answer the riddle of “How do you mail a mad scientist?”)

Best of all, it’s all available online, so if that pesky “travelling-to-a-hotel-and-interacting-with-real-people” problem has been holding you back (or more likely, I just haven’t been able to travel out to the ones you go to), you’re now mere clicks away from temptation.

So far all sixteen Last Res0rt players are available on there, as well as the Zodiac sets some of you may have already seen at conventions.  Of course, I’ll be able to add new stuff later on , like t-shirts, posters, and prints; I’ll make sure to let you know when I post up new stuff, but odds are you’ll know it’s there because you’ll be the one suggesting I make it.

Head on over to Last Res0rt On Demand and go see what your favorite character looks like. If you’re confused where to go otherwise… well, Slick’s over on the right-hand side to show you the way.