Okay, folks: this is it!

is happening this weekend, March 14-15 (for those of you who’re chronologically challenged, that’s this Saturday and Sunday — don’t show up Friday unless you like being mistaken for slave labor a volunteer), at the Georgia Tech Student Center. They’re running with a nifty Sci-Fi theme, which of course means Last Res0rt ought to fit right in.

Artist’s Alley is split up into two places, and Last Res0rt’ll be in Room 343 — this is where Artist’s Alley was last year as well, but now it’s just one of many rooms. If you can’t find me, make sure you’re not in the other alley by mistake. There’ll be lots of great new merchandise available as well as commissions (and if you’ve been dragging your feet on ordering anything… well, you’ll get to see all the other cool new commissions I’ve been working on that aren’t yours, and no, not all of ’em have been posted for viewing online yet, but yes, they are you’ll-be-kicking-yourself awesome.)

Either way, admission to the con is free, so if you’re in the area, go ahead and stop on by!