He Knows Not to Talk, No Matter How Cute the Kid.

He Knows Not to Talk, No Matter How Cute the Kid.

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  1. nikolai60

    1. waitfuneralwut

    2. *sees the kid* uh-oh….

  2. Starcat5

    Ah, sibs. Can’t live with them, can’t throw them out the air lock.

  3. Josh.C

    Does this mean Gabreil is confirmed dead?

    Seems like the kid is extremely impressed with White Noise. Then again, it seems like White Noise knows how to get around a kids questions.

  4. The_Rippy_One

    Funeral? well, either its a Wilde event, or we’re blowing Taps, would be my guess.

    WN is enjoying the attention…though, given his family man emphasis, that isn’t too surprising.

    So, that’s the third one, hm? The feet are very Anyr…is that a feathered tail?

  5. Josh.C

    @The_Rippy_One: I was also thinking it could be a standard method of saying goodbye to dead players as well.

    I seem to remember in the old west, criminals and people reasonably well noted would get taken into a photo shoot before their funeral. So every so once and a while, we might get a photo shoot of the living players and dead ones.

  6. e_voyager

    Here i was wondering if she simply got the terminology wrong. Also you hav to love WN and the kid.he almost gives off a grandfatherly vibe there

  7. Shad

    ……I….feel…completely lost. XD Soooo I’m just going to go bake some fresh chocolate chip cookies. Because those are so much easier to understand.

  8. Darkewulf

    Damn, eight wings. That has got to be one powerful kid, even at that age.

  9. e_voyager

    I rhino that they are all related to veled myself

  10. amigadragon

    more than one what?

  11. e_voyager

    Stupid autocorrect .he was asked what his secret was so he responded having more then one a in more then one secret

  12. LavaBat

    …does not compute…

  13. Brunhidden

    bring your demigod kids to a wedding-funeral and let them chat with cartoonish supercriminals?

    why does this sound like -me-

  14. Vulpis

    Now there’s a thought–is there actually a wedding involved here at all, or do the residents of the Last Resort universe wear white (which *is* considered the color of death in some cultures) formalwear to funerals rather than black as is the custom in US and other western cultures?

  15. nightarix

    @josh based on what jig told the no-armed pony(can’t recall how to spell her name) to do Gabriel is still alive(in a cryo-unit if I’m interpreting it right) so it’s probably for wylde since he was probably still a star org

  16. Le Blue Dude

    The reason Americans and other westerners wear black to funerals is practicality. Black is cheap, and doesn’t show grime much.

  17. Sulucamas

    Whoa, we’ve never seen a Celeste with glowing wings. They must be fluttering pretty quickly if they’re leaving trails like a WISP. 😯

    And I don’t know if it’s the outfit, the pose with the superfluous sash, or the reflected gold light, but Silk looks painfully opulent here. 🙂

    @nightarix: Think there’ll be any official fallout or spin surrounding Xanatos’ death?

  18. Brunhidden

    @ the blue dude- typically its accepted that black is for mourning as colors would be unacceptable, outside of an irish wake its typically bad form to wear cheerful clothing or act cheerfully at the occasion of death.

    also if you are going for ‘cheap’ the logical solution would be ‘whatever i already have on hand, im not buying another set of clothes because my brothers liver exploded’

    granted my own extended family typically showed up in ratty tweeds and considered it a opportunity for a pot luck and settling inheritance by intimidation, it was largely due to a ridiculous turnover rate in the family and poor grasp of legal wordings

  19. MaximumCarnage

    …and this is why, as much as I quite enjoy this comic, I often find myself feeling like I’m missing some significant source of information lying outside what is presented in this comic specifically. While one cannot realistically expect to know the identity of every person who walks through an event, I sometimes feel like characters I’m just seeing for the first time I am supposed to have some passing knowledge of, or similar feelings of ‘why do I feel like I missed something?’ x.o Just the same, it’s always a good time.

  20. The_Rippy_One

    Oh, and I find it interesting that Levana referred to V as Veled, not Mom, Madri, or any other informal title. Also interesting – WN is decked out in the same costume style as Levana Reuven. Apparently V is pro-Anyr heritage?

  21. Jigsaw Forte

    @Rippy: Mostly because Jigsaw is calling her “Veled” at the moment.

    (Besides, If I didn’t switch between them now and then it’d be even more confusing — Go on, raise your hand if you thought Cypher and Meridian’s real names were Abba and Eema :-p)

  22. amigadragon

    I’d never heard of “Eema” before but I’m sure many of us have heard “Abba” referring to father, or more personally, “daddy”.

  23. Anodyne

    Re: funeral garb – there’s a lot of cultures going to be present at this thing. Presumably, the socially-appropriate thing for a funeral is “wear whatever your culture and heritage says is proper for showing respect to the dead” rather than trying to enforce a specific set of clothing on everyone.
    The fact that, apparently, funeral garb for Jigsaw means “looks like a wedding dress by 20th century Western standards” is interesting, though.

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