Want to play a game?

Some of you may’ve seen the concept art (and other things) floating about, but now it’s official: Last Res0rt has its own tabletop RPG! Whether you’re looking to take a couple of friends out for a night around Wonder or get up to no good on one of the many planets in the galaxy, this game’ll give you what you need to set up a character and cut loose!

And in case you’re wondering what I’m charging for this… it’s free.

No. Really. FREE. Not a donation incentive. Not a convention exclusive. Just sign up here to receive your PDF copy of the game.

This 30-page “beta” version of the game is enough to get you going — but the funny thing about games (especially RPGs) is that the games people make are never quite the same ones people want to play…  so in order to make sure the 1st (printed) edition of the game is the best it can be, that means I need as many pairs of eyes as possible giving the game a chance and figuring out where I can make improvements in future iterations.

Even if you don’t think you’ll have a chance to play a campaign, the book provides an additional glimpse at the galaxy Last Res0rt exists in, including details on some of the more visible species (only a handful are available in the free version), various backstory details, and more!

All you have to do to get your hands on it is to sign up here. It’ll send you to sign up for Last Res0rt’s new mailing list, which’ll not only keep you abreast of new stuff happening on the site (as well as convention appearances, new items for sale, and possibly even list-exclusive giveaways and discounts), it’ll let you know when the print version is available, as well as any additional bonuses we include to go along with your shiny new RPG book.

It’s already picking up reviews (heck, we’ve even somehow managed to end up with a writeup on a Polish gaming blog!) so what’re you waiting for? Grab a copy today!

Update (June 21, 2011): Hello, Goons from Something Awful!

This is a reminder that this lovely game is still very much in beta (i.e. NOT the final version) and, in fact, that’s why this version is free to be dissected as opposed to a print version being posted for sale for actual money.

If you have any concerns about the game, its mechanics, its format, or anything else about it, and you sincerely wish to improve the game, please contact me or at least post your concerns where I can actually respond to them.