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Oooh, Exposition!

Oooh, Exposition!

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  1. Elora

    *had to think for a minute why Melody’s face was covered and remembers why* Well, it’s obvious who the current Scout Arael’s supporting, ain’t it? Er, I mean Binary there.

    OOooh! I wonder who they’re talking about!

  2. Janus

    ….snrk! I can’t wait to see how you pulled this off…

  3. nikolai60

    So Binary’s actually a fan? I think I’m gonna like her afterall.

    I’m gonna guess it’s ‘Saw, but then again………….

    I just noticed, why does she have 3 heads?

  4. Noxkitsune

    The last panel has an “Intro to a video game with a silent protagonist” feel to it… I hope a name selection screen dosen’t pop up now.

    Interesting exposition… I didn’t realise the scouts were so politically important. Well, except veled.

    … That scout is REALLY bad at hiding her identity.

  5. Jigsaw Forte

    @Noxkitsune: Celeste (and Touched) Scouts are expected to NOT hide their identity, unlike other scouts, mostly because it gets heaps harder to conceal an identity when that identity involves giant freakin’ wings.

  6. nikolai60

    or Cypress, maybe it’s Cypress, those are my two guesses, ‘Saw or Cypress

  7. Amoxil

    Ooh. 3-headed hottie. I wonder what’s so funny?

  8. Tom Redlion

    Gets better every week!

  9. Sabreur

    Ah, politics. Just the thing to make an already ugly situation into a complete and total mess.

  10. AaronLee

    CURSE YOU COMIC… and your largely inconsequential cliffhangers! CURSE YOU!

  11. FlashXX

    MY, how I envy the mask. I wish to one day be able to walk around in one without fear!*i’m Serious!!*

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