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[Guest Comic] Glued To The Spot

[Guest Comic] Glued To The Spot

Footnote: Okay, guys, I swear this is the last guest strip! Let’s all go thank SG for ending it on a high note.

Volume Two starts next week! Tell your Friends ! ;)

What’s with all these guest strips? Well, while putting together Volume One, I realized I needed a little extra time… so these guest strips are picking up the slack!

If you’re not amused, just click on to the start of Volume Two here.

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9 Comments So Far...

  1. Elora

    Hehe, poor White Noise. I feel bad for him and get why he’s upset. At least Qin’s taking it in stride, since everyone else hates it. That and given his hair it suits him to a T.

  2. MadMann135

    Whitenoise… I feel your pain. Well not feel it in that sense but I understand.

    Still this is quite the way to end a guest comic session. I am sure there are those that would love to see Jigsaw pushing a lingerie scene. I am one of those that wanna see her fighting in a dress.

  3. EvilSupahFly

    Heh. :P

  4. Amoxil

    Ha-hah! :3 Thank you, SG! And I think that Jigsaw ‘should’ cuz she could (but she might not) go gangsta-blastin’ like Han Solo in her lil’ red number there… Okay, so it ain’t tactical! But think of the ratings, yo! Plus, the marketing incentives for the prisoners…! (Jeepers, this should be made into canon. Just a suggestion).

  5. drew_original


  6. Xavier Price

    Naturally it would be Qin that takes it all in stride. Not much seems to phase him. Then again, for someone claiming to be over 2000 years old, not much would surprise you anymore, I guess.

  7. Cpixie

    I love the advertisements chosen for everybody, they make me giggle… poor Silk.

  8. Keiya

    Poor Silk? Poor Daisy! Shoving her out into a crowd without her lenses (even if she’s to the point they’re mostly a comfort) goes past ‘cruel and unusual’ and is just plain torture.

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