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[Guest Comic-ish] Jigsaw’s Puzzle

[Guest Comic-ish] Jigsaw’s Puzzle

Footnote: Yup, I told you you’d never guess it. This week’s special guest is… my old 2006 self!

As you may’ve already guessed, this was a pre-Last Res0rt pamphlet comic I did just in time for Dragon*Con 2006. It was made from taking several 3×5 index cards, slicing them up to fit a sheet of 8.5×11″ paper, and drawing in the pictures accordingly with an ink pen, and xeroxing the whole project together.

I still added in the lettering digitally, though.

It’s very similar to the Last Res0rt we know and love, but things went differently back then; Slick ended up being Jigsaw’s lieutenant, not Daisy (and for reasons I can’t quite fathom, Daisy had a devil tail). There’s more that’s changed since, I’m sure, but that’s what’s in the next few strips, if nothing else.

So sit back, enjoy the blast from the past for a few weeks, and if anyone else wants to send in guest strips… hop to it!

What’s with all these guest strips? Well, while putting together Volume One, I realized I needed a little extra time… so these guest strips are picking up the slack!

If you’re not amused, just click on to the start of Volume Two here.

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2 Comments So Far...

  1. Xavier Price

    Sketchy… and kinda sexy. Not sure I could see Jig wearing bow undies, though.

  2. Drew_Original


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