Bedside Manner Needs Work.

Bedside Manner Needs Work.

Footnote: Certain slang comes and goes — but “Glitter” is almost universally understood in this case to refer to nanotechnology, especially the type that people like to use to stay healthy. Different types of Glitter abound, but generic Glitter works to stay blood-borne and help prop up the natural immune systems of their hosts.

In Adharia’s case, she’s suffering not from any deficiencies in her actual health, but from her recent immigration. It takes time to become sufficiently “infected” with good nanotechnology, and from a colonization standpoint, she’s about as healthy as an eight-month-old baby.

Ironically, the presence of programmable immune systems has managed to eradicate most natural diseases… but if you think computer security is bad now, imagine having to include anti-virus in your healthcare costs and trying to counter heartworms.

Remember, folks — No matter who you trust, always practice safe hex.

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  1. Brunhidden

    If Daisy is the only one with no injuries then i have to wonder where the three Djinni were hit. and then i also have to wonder why jiggys tail looks like it needs to be ironed

    and i would suggest everyone keeps the little whisper from the princess in mind for the next week or two

  2. Tytaj

    Interesting, I like the thought that went into this >:3

  3. XZeddX

    Seems like a long day for them all

  4. Shrikefox

    My, what a lovely way to say, “You are all screwed, start panicking now.”

  5. Kalatash

    Adharia, noooo… dang it, she’s my favorite character at this point. 🙁

  6. Anonomous

    is it just me or is the blue/yellow team have the same facial expression? some kinda mind link or are they just scared shitless?

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    @Anonomous: Scared shitless.

    Actually, if you look closely, the only one that isn’t is Daisy.

  8. Brunhidden

    i can see how those two have an eerily similar stance, they almost look like naughty children awaiting the wrath of someone they peeved off.

    and upon closer inspection jiggy looks pissed, silk just looks worried/sad, and Xu just looks ‘crap, not again’

  9. Noxkitsune

    wow… infectuous nanomedicine… that’s a scary thought… Considering that they’re currently working on nanotechnology that could potentially allow the brain to interface with a computer, the whole “big brother is watching you” conspiracy theory could be a LOT worse in the Last Resort era. ^^;

    I hope Adharia recovers, darn it… 🙁

    If Daisy’s leg is busted and everyone else is injured… I wonder who stands a chance against the scouts… I guess it’ll have to be slick. ^^;

  10. Brunhidden

    @ nox- they already have a microchip that converts neural impulses to binary, it was used to place a camera in a pair of sunglasses and then run wires into the brain, allowing a blind man to see. next we will find a way to do it without requiring a cordless drill to the skull

  11. Noxkitsune

    @Brun – Actually, if that’s the case then it converts binary to neural impulses, not the other way around. Acquiring the actual brainwaves is probably harder, though possible. The only articles I could find on the topic with a quick search were short and rather dated, though. Concerning the comic, though, I think that very few races would agree to stick microchips in their childrens’ heads. ^^;

    On an unrelated note to that… I really can’t see any injuries on Quin and Jigsaw… unless that mangled tail counts.

  12. EvilSupahFly

    I had a good laugh at “safe hex” given that I have a fondness for using a hex editor to get what I want from Windows from time to time, especially my savegame files. 🙂

    Also it occurs to me that perhaps the Autie-Shades don’t have a prompting for “Scared Shitless” and thus, Daisy just doesn’t know she’s “supposed” to be scared shitless?

    Or is it that being is situations that scare people shitless is kinda normal for her?

  13. Le Blue Dude

    As an autistic I must say that it’s not that Auties don’t get scared shitless… it’s that we display it wrong. For example my scared shitless face is… a grin. And my angry face is… a slightly different grin. And my sad face is… A gap mouthed grin. And my happy face is… a mild smile. And yet I do feel emotions (And have all the normal fight or flight responses).

    So, next time you see an autistic apparently go berserk (Which only happens to the very crippled ones, or the very young ones) it’s because they were slowly simmering and failing to display properly. Though, I’m high level functioning, so my experience might be different from that of a lower level functioning autistic. *I* at least used to go berserk when younger. Until I grew out of it.

    Yeah, it’s likely not so much that she’s not scared shitless so much as she doesn’t know how to let other people know she’s scared shitless.

    Anyway, let’s see how good a job Jigsaw does of portraying it…

  14. Rob

    I just found out about this webcomic through entrecard and I really like what I’ve read so far. The story, characters (and colors) are very well done. This is some great work.

  15. Feral

    Dang it. Jason would deserve being a first blood way more!

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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